My gear

When bands approach me for work they ask about this. I have pro gear.

I have a lot of guitars, but when I play out, I use some of these:


Keys: if I gig for you I will probably have some or all of this:
I mostly use Ableton Live because it never crashes; I have used Protools extensively in the past.
My home studio includes a UA quattro, 2 AKG 414's, 4 Shure SM57s, an Avalon 737 preamp, some gear I built, a really nice UA ADDA, and lots of fake keyboard type plug ins.

My home studio has a very nice Genelec near field setup with Genelec Subwoofer and Meyer active EQ pro; my main room is tuned by Bob Hodas Acoustic Analysis
I have extensive studio experience working in different engineering capacities professionally for over 10 years and semi professionally for 20 more.

My recording philosophy (my site, my soapbox)