Howdy! I am not going to deliver a bunch of home page BS, this site is where i track some of the stuff I am working on, if it's useful to you as well, well, there you go. ABOUT THE CIRCUITS: Unless noted, audio circuits require +/- 15V DC and output something like -5 to 5V P/P. The legal disclaimer crap that my brother says I need to say here This site assumes you are a competitent tech and are cautious when working on electronics; seriously, the tube amp data here is extremely dangerous and should not be screwed around with unless you really know what you are doing. ABOUT THE MUSIC Everything you hear was recorded/arranged/performed by me due to my antisocial nature. I am old school, and use minimal computer fixes, autotuning, quantizing, and other "I never bothered practicing" digital recording tricks.

Recent projects and updates

Updated and augmented the op amp gain page.

Vactrol VCF Rev3 New PCB layout and wiring diagram--tested working.

Clapton covers, Finally--some more MP3s. I play all the parts. Happy birthday Super D!

Dual LFO, op amp based, using TLO84's. Tests working.

Tests working!! Korg Ringmod, a simple design that sounds a lot better than I thought it would. i have fabbed a board, stuffed it, wired it, put it into my old modular, and it worked first time!

Added:REV4 for the 70s era analog white noise board, but I have not tested the circuitboard yet. the last REV worked (white noise a bit low P-P wise)....

I scanned my old documentation to PDF from my 2002 ASM-1 VCO build. Working on laying out the board again with some improvements but after 15 years the 3 boards I built with custom PCB's still work great!

I found my old drawings for a tiny 4x1 fixed and variable out audio mixer, with some tricky I/O on one of the ports. I had forgotten about this one.