Howdy! I am not going to deliver a bunch of home page BS, this site is where i track some of the stuff I am working on, if it's useful to you as well, well, there you go. ABOUT THE CIRCUITS: Unless noted, audio circuits require +/- 15V DC and output something like -5 to 5V P/P. The legal disclaimer crap that my brother says I need to say here This site assumes you are a competitent tech and are cautious when working on electronics. Seriously, the tube amp data here is extremely dangerous and should not be screwed around with unless you really know what you are doing. ABOUT THE MUSIC Everything you hear was recorded/arranged/performed by me due to my antisocial nature. I am old school, and use minimal computer fixes, autotuning, quantizing, and other egregious digital recording tricks.

About the gear pages:

The schematics, board layouts, designs etc. are my own unless otherwise noted. I try to give credit where it's due; please do the same if you use some of my creations in what you post and/or sell. Some of the PCBs here are untested, I try to note that as well as we go. For untested PCBs, you may have to kludge things to get them to work (I have to...).

For anyone building what's here I'll try to answer questions (see contact tab, or better, send me a PM via the "cslammy" user on the electro music forum). We are all newbies but if this is your first attempt at DIY audio you probably shouldn't start with the projects on my site--my "gear" pages assume you have a decent working knowledge of DIY audio already, so if you're getting started you'll be better off buying things from say thonk or Modular Addict where you can get real kits.

Recent projects and updates

Added my take on Rene Schmitz "Fastest ADSR in the West"; the Eagle files and build PDFs are here. Yeh baby! Rene's designs are way cool.

Added an Arduino Section to the Gear pages. An analog mind in a digital world.

To track things I'm working on vs. finished stuff here, I started an Audio DIY blog.

Added a non-inverting mini op amp PCB to my growing list of gain circuits.

Added +/-10V Precision Voltage Reference

Updated and augmented the op amp gain page.

Vactrol VCF Rev3 New PCB layout and wiring diagram--tests working.

Clapton covers, Finally--some more MP3s. I play all the parts. Happy birthday Super D!